If your weekend plans include heading to a gentlemen’s club for the first time, you are probably wondering what you do at a gentlemen’s club or, more importantly, what not to do. You want your night to be fun, stress-free, and a great experience for all involved, so read on to find out!

First off, relax. You are going to have a great night! But since you are going to a strip club, it doesn’t hurt to go over a few things you may be wondering about.

Show Your Appreciation

Showing your appreciation for dancers and staff is always welcome. The beautiful dancers at Pompano Gold Club are there to make sure you have the time of your life, so don’t be afraid to show them you appreciate it.

One way to do this is to tip. If you are wondering if you should tip – the answer is yes, you should tip. If you aren’t sure what the best practice for tipping is, always ask. Tip frequently and generously; it will make you feel like a VIP! Feel free to give compliments and be friendly to dancers and staff; they will love it and enjoy the positive interaction!

Cash is King (or Queen)

If you are going to a strip club, you definitely want to bring cash. Strip clubs are a tipping establishment, which means that the lovely entertainers appreciate your tips, but so do the bartenders, waitstaff, valets, and more. 

It’s a really good idea to break up your cash into singles and small bills to extend the fun and tip as many of the girls as possible. You don’t want to run out of tipping cash ten minutes into your evening!

Respect the Performers’ Privacy

You may be tempted to ask the entertainers for their real names or other personal information, but it’s not a good idea. Privacy rules are in place for a reason and help keep the entertainers safe. Do not mistake requesting inappropriate information from any of the staff. You are there to enjoy yourself, and the rules are there to keep everyone safe and happy.

If you are wondering about taking photos at a strip club, it’s always best to ask about photo policies. Privacy is important in gentlemen’s clubs, and privacy rules are in place to protect everyone, including you. If you would love to have a commemorative photo of you and your group at the club, ask a staff member if they would be okay taking a photo of you. If you are wondering about taking a photo with one of the girls, consult the club rules and then ask if the dancer would be okay taking a photo with you. While it does not hurt to ask, be prepared for a no, and don’t take it personally!

Quench Your Thirst

You may have heard varying rules about buying drinks at strip clubs. If you are wondering what you do at a gentlemen’s club if you don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry! You are not required to drink alcohol, but you can and should definitely buy other beverages. Bottled water, sodas, energy drinks, or non-alcoholic mixed drinks are great alternatives.

You can also order snacks, appetizers, and even full meals. Of course, if you do want to indulge in some adult beverages, you’ll have plenty of mixed premium drinks, beers, and more to choose from!

It’s always preferred for guests to purchase drinks while at clubs. It’s part of the etiquette and helps you have fun and keep your energy up!

Enjoy the Live Entertainment – Day or Night!

Strip clubs aren’t just for weekend nights! Most clubs are open during daytime hours as well. The time of day you go to a club does impact the vibe and your experience. 

For example, if you love crowds and the high energy of a Friday night, then it’s a great time. It will be louder and busier, but tons of fun! If you go at noon on a Wednesday, it will be quieter, but you’ll also find that the day shift offers a bit more personalized attention. This is a great time to get one-on-one with the entertainers, and late afternoons and weeknights are also good.

The Gold Club at Pompano is open six days a week, from noon till 2 am. Visit the club around lunchtime and enjoy some of the best wings you’ve ever had while enjoying music and beautiful girls! 

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